Learn To Row

Adult and Teen Learn to Row Program Coaches- Keith Gillhespy, David Cadwallader Location-Flat River-Unity High School Parking Lot (old Amphitheatre on LaFayette)

We are looking for adults and high school teens who would like to try rowing with an experienced crew, get some exercise and explore the Flat River. Try it once or sign up for the full summer membership. We will set you up in a boat with knowledgeable rowers so you can experience the crew experience. Teamwork, exercise & sightseeing!

Learn to Row will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays starting second week in June. The program will continue throughout the summer and early fall. If there is lightning consider crew to be cancelled for the night. All participants should be able to swim.

Location: On the Flat River-Unity High School Parking Lot (old Amphitheatre) Corner of King and Lafayette

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm Late arrivals are not guaranteed a seat in a boat

Cost: $60.00 for the season

Preregistration is not required.

Cash or Checks made out to Lowell Crew are acceptable

Drawstring Backpacks for $10 and decals for $5 are available

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. Loose fitting shorts are not recommended as they tend to get caught in the rigging. Some boats are equipped with the shoes attached to the boat and you will want to wear your own socks. Other boats only have a foot strap in which you will wear your own tennis shoes. Come prepared for both.