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Head Coach

David Cadwallader has been coaching rowing at LCC since 2006.  He is a Level 2 USRA certified coach and continues to dedicate his time coaching despite his youngest daughter graduating from LHS in 2007.  Dave has successfully coached our girl's novice crews.  The girl's novice 8 enjoyed success medaling in several Regattas in 2008.  Dave is also active in repairing and re-finishing some of LCC 'older' shells.  His practical skills are a valuable asset as one of our key persons in launch boat motors, shell repair, rigging and shell tailoring.  Dave uses the heavy excavation tractors he owns to assist in the arduous task of putting in and removing our docks.

Assistant Coach

Sara Cadwallader started rowing in 2006 with Learn2Row. Hesitant at first, but easily fell in love with the sport. In 2008, her freshman year of High School, she joined the team. With her small size she fit perfectly as a Coxswain. She and her team mates went on to win many heats and regattas for the next four years. Unwilling to give up on the sport in 2012 she became the fitness instructor and coxswain coach. Now, for 2015, she will join David Cadwallader (uncle) as the assistant coach.

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